Anak Merdeka

By far one of the most interesting projects which I have shot recently is ‘Anak Merdeka’. Probably one of the most ambitious TV series in Malaysia with a budget of around RM6 million. Each episode was helmed by different directors and cinematographers. I was fortunate enough to work with Shamyl Othman on episode four. This episode was set in the eighties. Shamyl wanted a look that was appropriate for that era. With that in mind I decided to shoot this on a set of Standard Speeds, as well Hollywood Blackmagic filters throughout.

This is also probably one of the only projects for which I had the luxury and freedom of sitting in and directing the color grade with the colourist. The director could not join me for the session at Imagica, although I did run through on the tone I was looking for beforehand. I did not make it for the final sessions so one scene did not make the grade I would have wanted, but generally I am quite pleased with the result.

This mini series aired on three Astro channels leading up to Merdeka Day.

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